Our diesel workshop handles test and repair of Zexel diesel injection systems in all areas. Zexel and Bosch are close related as Zexel i produced in Asia on a Bosch license. Especially in Scandinavia we see Zexel pumps on Mitsubishi Pajero and Ford vehicles.



We have the following equipment at our
Diesel workshop

  • EPS 704
  • EPS 711
  • EPS 815


Here you can find PDF documents about our DENSO products:

File name
BG Diesel UK.pdf


We can repair and test the following
ZEXEL diesel and injection systems:

  • Zexel traditional injectors + 2-step injectors
  • Zexel VE (rotary) pump
  • Zexel EDC pump
  • Zexel VRZ pump
  • Zexel Covec pump
  • Zexel PF pump
  • Zexel inline pump mechanical/EDC