Gasoline Injection

We experience many customers who complain about bad engine behaviour, lack of performance or bank noises coming from the engine. The reason for this will often be that there is a problem with the injection nozzles. They can either have problems with spraying correct or delivering the wrong injection amount.

At BG Diesel, we have invested in new test equipment for testing and validating gasoline nozzles. We can now solve most of the problems by ultrasonic cleaning and testing the nozzles in our new test bench. As a minimum, we will be able to determine which nozzle might be defective.

We can test all types of gasoline nozzles - from the old K-Jetronic nozzles to the new GDI and Piezo injectors.

As a side benefit, you will also often experience a better fuel economy if you get cleaned and tested your nozzles.

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Injectors that can be tested

Top / Side Feed Multi-Point Mono Point
GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) K-Jetronic
European Japanese
American Piezo