Our diesel workshop has a long and extensive cooperation with Bosch since 1965. During the years, the workshop and its technicians have developed into one of the most modern and competent diesel workshops in northern Europe. The company behind BG Diesel made heavy investments during the years to obtain all necessary equipment, to be constantly up-to-date and be able to handle all new diesel technologies on the market today.

In 2014, Bosch increased the demands towards the diesel workshops – the Bosch Diesel Centers. This action avoids gray market and unauthorized repair of Bosch diesel injection components. By choosing BG Diesel as your partner within diesel repair, you will have full security as customer that all we fulfill all needs. We use only original spare parts, repair, and test Bosch diesel injectors, Bosch diesel EUI and Bosch diesel pumps according to Bosch specifications.



We have the following BOSCH-Equipment
at our diesel workshop:

  • EPS 708
  • EPS 815
  • EPS 711
  • EPS 704
  • EPS 100


Product Videos

We can repair and test the following types of 
BOSCH diesel and injection systems:

  • Bosch VA pump
  • Bosch VE pump
  • Bosch EDC pump
  • Bosch CP1 commonrail pump
  • Bosch CP2 commonrail pump
  • Bosch CP3 commonrail pump
  • Bosch CP4 commonrail pump (NEW!)
  • Bosch Traditional diesel injectors + 2 step injectors
  • Bosch Commonrail injectors
  • Bosch EUI (unit injectors)
  • Bosch inline pump (mechanical + EDC)
  • PF pump