Particulate Filter Cleaning

The most efficient, fast and gentle cleaning of particulate filters and catalysts - removes up to 97% of all waste materials.

Cleans all types of of particulate filters of cars (Euro 6 too), buses and trucks, catalysts of big trucks (SCR) as well and radiators.
Performs the entire cleaning cycle (washing and drying) with one machine only.
Ensures the recovery of the original efficiency of the DPF.
Gives you verifiable results providing the backpressure test before and after the cleaning process: this allows an instant diagnosis of the filter as soon as you get it and a check of the quality of the cleaning once the filter is ready.
Has an integrated printer, so you can deliver the filter to the customer along with a report that ensures a successful cleaning.
Saves money and time.
Reduces environmental impact: it works in a closed­circuit system, which does not release dust emissions and smells in the environment.

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