Particulate Filter Cleaning

There is a really good reason as to why you should have your particulate filter cleaned no matter whether it is a bus, truck or private car you are driving. You can save a whole lot of money when choosing cleaning over a brand new filter. In fact, particulate filters can cost up to 2.700 €, and that is just for a filter for a regular diesel car. Choosing recycling and cleaning of your particulate filter is not only good for your finances but also to the environment. No raw materials are used and only a few resources are necessary to complete a deep cleaning compared to the production of a new filter.

At BG Diesel, we use the fastest, most effective and most gentle cleaning method on the market for particulate filters - up to 97 % of all residual waste is removed in the process. We have thoroughly familiarized ourselves with the technology behind particulate filters to be able to provide you with high quality and correct handling. We use the Italian Flash Cleaner machine, which is developed specifically for the cleaning of all kinds of particulate filters. 


Good to know - the cleaning process of a particulate filter

For correct cleaning of a particulate filter, it has to be dismounted first. It is not enough to have the filter regenerated as there will always be residues in the form of ash left within it. That can cause the filter to clog again. The vehicle, actually, regenerates the filter by itself when clogged, and a provoked regeneration at a workshop is, therefore, not a sustainable solution. You can read below, how we at BG Diesel ensure correct and efficient cleaning of particulate filters with the Flash Cleaner.  

  1. When dismounting the filter, it is possible to see the amount of ash compiled within it. To begin the cleaning process, access to the inside of the filter is necessary. This is done by dismounting one end. 
  2. An eco-friendly fluid is poured into the filter to help dissolve the ash.
  3. The filter is placed in the Flash Cleaner, and a backpressure and airflow test is performed before starting the cleaning process. 
  4. The cleaning starts and the filter is washed on the inside with water. The water mixes with the eco-friendly particulate dissolving fluid. 
  5. After the washing, the filter is dried with hot air in the Flash Cleaner, and another backpressure and airflow test is performed.
  6. All ash and particulate waste have been removed, and the filter is reassembled. 

Alternative methods for particulate filter cleaning 

It is also possible to clean particulate filters via heat treatment, chemical additives and ultrasonics treatment. However, none of these methods are very efficient when it comes to the actual cleaning. Instead, they risk damaging the filter. For instance, the heat treatment can cause the filter’s noble metals to melt. The ultrasonics treatment risks damaging the filter due to vibrations caused by the ultrasonic soundwaves, and the chemical additives do not remove all residual waste. It can actually cause the filter to clog further. Since these methods are not the most environmentally friendly and not very effective, we, at BG Diesel, only use the Flash Cleaner method. 

Eco-friendly cleaning

At BG Diesel, we use the Italian Flash Cleaner machine for the cleaning of particulate filters, which is developed for that exact purpose. As something special, it reduces the environmental impact of the process due to a closed-circuit system which does not release dust emissions and smells to the nearby environment. The machine, furthermore, recycles the water used for the cleaning as it has an effective filtration system ensuring clean water at all times.  

Flash Cleaner 

The Flash Cleaner machine is not just something special because of its small environmental impact. It also has an integrated printer allowing you to get your cleaned filter back with an extensive report on the findings. This is your documentation for a successful and properly executed cleaning process. With the Flash Cleaner at BG Diesel, we can clean all types of particulate filters on all kinds of vehicles from cars to buses and trucks right to entrepreneurial machinery. This also includes the Euro 6 and catalysts of heavy machinery. 

Particulate filters cleaned at BG Diesel

By choosing BG Diesel to clean your filter, you get some clear advantages. The Flash Cleaner is not solely equivalent to environmentally friendly cleaning:

  • It provides you with verifiable results via a backpressure test before and after the cleaning process. That allows for instant diagnosis and quality check of the filter once the cleaning is finished. 
  • It ensures efficient cleaning of all types of particulate filters and ensures the safety of the filter. That is, it does not damage noble metals and makes sure all oil residues have been removed. 
  • You save time and money since it only takes between 30 to 120 minutes to complete the cleaning in the Flash Cleaner. 

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