Trusted Tracking

Trusted is a danish company based in Silkeborg, Denmark. The company dates back to 1999 under the name of Key7, where it all started with the development of GPS-transmitters. Since then Trusted has specialized in hardware, which has resulted in the development of the incredibly smart battery-driven Trusted trackers you can purchase here at BG Fleet. The trackers use advanced technology and intelligent IoT sensors creating an unbelievably durable, wireless, battery-driven tracking device and data logger. It can be used by everyone with a need for tracking and data analysis. Trusted products are designed in Denmark and produced by subcontractors to Scandinavian Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) following current standards. You can read more about those here

Trusted creates a battery-driven tracking device out of the ordinary, which is also a fantastic tool making it possible to identify and solve problems occurring during transport. At BG Fleet we carry the intelligent trackers from Trusted. We have four different variants as well as mounting kits and Tag-IDs that are small wireless transmitters which can be connected to the tracker. You can find all our Trusted products right here


What is IoT technology?

IoT technology is a new technology related to the endless possibilities of the internet. In fact, IoT is an abbreviation of Internet of Things. The technology has made it possible to connect arbitrary machines and products to the internet and, hence, transmit data wirelessly across great distances. IoT units give you the possibility to collect data on your objects easily and effectively and, thereby, quickly getting started on the information analysis. You can, for instance, gain insight about the handling of your goods during transport and, hence, discover how to prevent damage or get an understanding of how you can optimize the delivery time. 

The most intelligent trackers on the market

Trusted trackers are some of the market’s most intelligent, durable and adaptable tracking devices and data collectors for the industry. Despite this, Trusted trackers are so versatile that everybody needing object tracking and data reporting can use them. Thanks to Trusted Visibility Suite™, a sky based administrative solution, you can analyse and see the condition of, for instance, your goods on your computer. That is because all information is based on data from the tracker’s smart sensors which is transmitted directly to the server. The data is available in various forms from graphs to lists and maps ready for analysis.

Unbelievable durability and lifespan 

Trusted trackers are something out of the ordinary thanks to advanced and intelligent technology designed for long-term and real-time tracking of heavy-duty machines and equipment. That is the reason why the trackers are extremely durable. They can withstand rough environments and harsh weather conditions thanks to a robust outer casing and epoxy closure protecting the electronic making it water repellent and capable of withstanding enormous weight. In fact, it can be run over by an asphalt drum without suffering damage. However, it is not solely the outer casing that is something. The battery is designed to use very little power when inactive. With the correct settings, it is possible to make you Trusted tracker last up to 15 years. It, of course, depends on how often it is active, how many reports it should transmit to the server, and how often it is logging information.

Fancy Trusted features

It is not just the durability that is something special. Trusted trackers are also equipped with fancy features making it possible to adapt your tracker to your exact needs.

Geo-tracking: You can turn on geolocation, a feature allowing you to receive information from specific locations. You can even create a virtual border around a certain area. This makes it possible to receive notifications as soon as movement within or out of an area is detected. This is particularly useful on construction sites as it allows you to keep track of, for instance, the whereabouts of heavy-duty machinery. This feature also comes in handy regarding theft, since you can be notified when machinery leaves the site after hours. 

Theft prevention: Trusted trackers work wonderfully as theft prevention. They can be installed everywhere and are almost undetectable to the eye due to their small sizes. Should you be so unlucky that you have been exposed to theft. Then, the tracker can provide you with an incredibly precise location making it possible to recover the stolen goods. The position is pinpointed via a GPS-signal, although, this is not always enough as GPS-jammers can disrupt the signal. The signal can also disappear naturally if the goods are placed in large concrete buildings. When this happens, it is possible to activate a radio beacon signal for localization. In order to activate this feature, a Marshall scanner is necessary.

Do you want to learn to more about every single Trusted tracker feature? Then you can read more here.

Use trackers privately 

No matter your valuables, whether it is a boat engine for your dinghy or expensive furniture, a Trusted tracker can prove useful. As a person addicted to designer furniture, it is not necessarily painful to the wallet, when exposed to theft as you are ensured, of course. However, it can be painful when the thieves take off with furniture inherited from parents or grandparents as they often are associated with good memories.

Trusted trackers are absolutely brilliant for mounting in or underneath designer furniture as they have the size of a palm. This makes it possible to place them wherever you see fit. Thanks to geolocation and radio beacon technology, it is possible to recover stolen furniture. Trusted even has an unusually high success rate of 90 % when recovering stolen goods. At some insurance companies, you can even be so lucky that your insurance becomes a little cheaper when you invest in trackers for your furniture.

Use trackers as a business

There is an endless amount of possibilities when using trackers as a business. Since Trusted trackers are specifically developed for the tracking of heavy machinery over great distances, they come in particularly handy when transporting goods and commodities. It is, for instance, possible to place trackers in containers. Thanks to intelligent sensors such as motion, light, shock and temperature sensors, you can see where and when a container has been opened. You are also able to see the exact location for a shock which might have damaged the goods. This way, you can prove when and where the damage occurred. 

Trusted trackers can, furthermore, be connected to TAGs which are small identity sensors. You can add TAGs to valuable tools and receive a notification when it is moved unusually far away from the tracker. This is particularly handy if you are a craftsman and exposed to tool theft from your vehicle. 

Do you want to know more about Trusted trackers, you are always welcome to contact us here.